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What Should You Do if You Have a Missing or Stolen Package?

With the postal system nowadays, it can sometimes be easy for packages to get lost. Most of the time, if you are searching for a missing package, odds are that a stranger swiped it. As a matter of fact, around 26 million packages were stolen in 2019. With those staggering statistics, there are a few things you can do in order to minimize this from happening to you.

What to Do If You’re Sure Your Package Has Been Stolen

  1.  File a Police Report

After exhausting all your options and you are sure that your package has been stolen, you need to first call the police. If you do not have evidence or witnesses, they can only take note of the incident. You might get lucky and find that theft has been occurring around your neighborhood recently, making it a possibility that the police can do more. If this isn’t the case, they won’t do much investigation, but at least can file a report.

  1. Contact the Sender

More often than not, the stolen package is something that you ordered. If this is the case, contacting the seller will be helpful. You will want to contact them and make sure that your package was in fact delivered, and telling them that you didn’t receive it, will give you the best option for a refund. Not all companies will be understanding and send a replacement or refund, but it won’t hurt to report it. Be sure you have some proof that it was delivered and you didn’t receive it. By using the police report you will be able to prove that it was in fact stolen.

If this happens with a package that was sent by family or friends, you should also let them know it hasn’t been delivered. They can then reach out to the seller and get more information on what has happened.

Things That You Can Do to Prevent Package Theft

If you want to be proactive about your packages, you can do a few things to prevent this from occurring. Catching them on video will be your best option. If you have a security camera or Ring doorbell device, this will be helpful for catching thieves. Purchasing a motion sensor light and alarm is beneficial as well. Receiving these alerts on your phone can ensure what you are up to date on all that is happening on your property.

You can shop for a number of smart doorbells and home security cameras these days online or in stores. Some send instant alerts through apps, and others simply record footage, but arming yourself with proof of delivery or theft by installing one on your porch will eliminate issues with stolen packages moving forward.

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