The Best Remote Car Starters

Until you use a key fob that can remote start your car, you won’t understand how ideal this type of electronic device is. Having a key fob for your car can warm up your car before getting in it, can start your car from inside, and also begin to cool your car off if the weather is hot. Having a remote start is cutting edge technology, offering you a keyless entry into your vehicle.

If you have decided to go keyless, then you will need to look into the best remote car starters on the market today. CrimeStopper has a remote that works for a variety of vehicles within a 3,000-foot range. You can enjoy the convenience of its LCD screen pager that can count down your remote start option and can even add features if needed.

The Top 4 Remote Car Starters

  1. CrimeStopper Rs7-G5: This is the best overall starter.

This remote starter can support two vehicles. It has a two-way communication system, an LCD pager, and a countdown to start your vehicle. This device is compatible with most vehicles and has an impressive 3,000-foot range, allowing you to start your car from across the parking lot or even down the street. This can be controlled from a mobile application, that is available for iOS users or Android users.

  1. Avital 4105L: This is the best car starter for your budget.

If you are looking for the basics, this remote starter is the one for you. It has two key fobs that can provide two different cars with keyless entry, trunk release, and remote starts from 1,500 feet away. Additionally, you can program how long your vehicle should run while using the remote start option and can monitor your fuel efficiency. The only downside to this starter is that the communication is only one way, so you will have no way of knowing if your vehicle has responded.

  1. Viper 530fV: This offers the best security.

This remote starter has been called the Cadillac of car starters because it is loaded with great features that give other brands a run for their money.  This two-way remote starter has an LCD display, automatic trunk release, and a vehicle temperature readout. Of course, the features are ideal, but its security features really set this model apart. The Viper 530fV is equipped with a six-tone siren, remote encryption, and a car alarm.

Unlike the other options, this application and the physical car remote is sold separately. Once purchasing this starter, you must also look into getting a subscription for the application it is used with. The system has gotten rave reviews and is a great investment to look into.

  1. Python 5706: This offers the best range.

If you are serious about range, then investing the extra money in this starter will be best for you. You can transmit its signal for up to a mile, which translates to around 5,000 feet. The starter is loaded with the basics of a car remote system and offers a ton of additional features. This model is a bit on the more expensive side but is full of features that matter. From its vehicle compatibility to the system that utilizes it, this stater is a great option.

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