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Living In An Apartment? How To Keep Your Home Safe & Burglar Resistant

Apartment life may have single dwellers and families living in convenience relative to those who own a single detached home (who have to take care of a yard) but that doesn’t mean they are safer when it comes to potential break-ins. Home security systems are equally as important for apartment renters.

In fact, latest figures from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that renters are more exposed to burglaries for the very reason that apartments usually have high foot traffic given the number of people living in one building. It’s also difficult to identify who does and does not belong there. Even in so-called “good” neighborhoods, burglaries can happen.

However, most home security systems are designed for single homes and do not usually have the needs of apartment users in mind. Thus, shopping for the right security package for this type of accommodation can be a bit tricky. If you are living in an apartment and there is no agreed form of security in your building, you will do well to have your own system for your unit installed. If the building administration does have the technology in place, it’s likely covering just the common areas and does not include your actual home.

Here are some tips to make your unit protected from break-ins.

  1. Lock your doors.

This is the simplest, easiest, but most neglected tip among apartment dwellers. Just because there’s a reception desk downstairs and you know who the people next door are, it doesn’t mean that you should be confident about not locking up — even when you’re home. This seems like a no-brainer, but most reported robberies happen because of this opportunity. Lock your doors. Lock your windows. Also install blinds and keep them down or sheer curtains, so that nobody from outside (or the other building) attempts to snoop around and scout for possible victims.

  1. Don’t show off your stuff.

You never really know who goes in and out of your building all the time — or who’s watching. So if you do get a new piece of nifty technology or a new fancy appliance, don’t show it off. It’s tempting to brag, but doing so will only make you a target of theft. Keep it low key and don’t attract attention by flashing your stuff around.

  1. Know your neighbors.

We know you’re always busy, and probably not very sociable, but it pays to find out who your neighbors are and develop rapport with them. By being familiar with the people who share the same space as you, you all will be alerted if something is out of the ordinary. Being friends with neighbors also creates a protective sense of community and people will pay attention and act if something’s not normal.

  1. Don’t announce everything you’re doing.

Don’t announce on social media that you’re about to go on vacation. Don’t tell everyone in the neighborhood, as well. Avoid posting your whereabouts at all time. Most burglars use the Internet to find out who’s at home and who’s not. Announcing your trip plans to everyone in the building also makes you susceptible to break-ins. You never really know who’s listening.

Home Security System For Your Apartment

Because you’re just renting the space, you probably are not allowed to drill into your walls and make major changes to the wiring. Thus, a wireless security system is your best and safest choice. It’s also cheaper than the full-scale setup. In addition to being easy to install (you can actually get it done yourself), they are also considered more reliable because there are no wires to cut. If you do decide to move out, you can also easily dismount your wireless security system and take it with you to your home.

Thanks to technology, you don’t really need to be genius to install a home security system. In most cases, the box already comes with step-by-step instructions to do so. Plus, there’s always the Internet to refer to if you can’t understand something. To make things extra easy, though, you can always still have a professional do it for you. So all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your home from your phone while you’re away.

These security systems for apartments can include smart door and window locks, door security cameras and smart doorbells, and security bars. If you live in a pretty spacious apartment, you can also have indoor surveillance cameras installed all over the house, except your bedroom, so you can see if there’s somebody lurking around while you’re already resting. Again, don’t forget to lock your bedroom door.

Are You Living In A Safe Community?

One way to ensure your and your home’s safety is to check out the neighborhood’s history before you even decide to move in. You can always search online for news reports about your area — if it’s prone to burglaries or not. Scout the area during the day and the night to find out what it looks like from outside and the kind of atmosphere it has. You can also ask around and talk to some residents to find out how they’re liking the complex you’re considering.

If possible, rent an apartment that is located within a secure compound, like a gated entrance, the presence of security personnel at the main points of entry, and an automated, tenants-only system of entry. The stricter the apartment complex is with identifying who comes and goes into the area, the better it is for your peace of mind. How do people get access into the building? Do they have exclusive swipe cards or recognition systems? Can visitors instantly go up or do they have to call you to enter? These things are what you should look for when choosing a rented space. If you already have a pretty secure neighborhood, then you will only need a minimal home security system for your apartment. Again, don’t forget to lock the doors.

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