Home Security Tips: 10 Best Places To Position Surveillance Cameras

If you have been shopping for security or surveillance cameras, you have probably realized its importance and how it can stop break-ins and burglary. Having surveillance cameras around your property will make sure that you and your family are safe, and that your valuables are intact. However, regardless of the quality of your security camera, it will be useless if you place it in all the wrong areas.


Knowing where to install these cameras will assure you of optimal security. And if you want to nab criminals and thieves, it’s crucial they’re set up in the right location. Here are the best places to position surveillance cameras.


  1. Front Door


According to security experts, about 34% of thieves and burglars enter your home through the front door. Naturally, you would want to install a surveillance camera near it. To prevent intruders from avoiding your camera, place it somewhere near the second-floor level of your house focusing on the front door. If you live in a single-level home, protect your camera with a mesh wiring to prevent thieves from tampering it.


  1. Back Door


A lot of homeowners forget to lock their backdoors. Some even don’t bother to secure it well because their focus is on the front door. Burglars know this fact, so it’s not really a question why most of them gain entry to your house using the rear door. Don’t forget to install double locks on your back door too, and place a camera that’s way out of reach. While the front door cam should be not visible, your back door cam can serve as a deterrent.


  1. First Floor Window


Besides serving as a point of entry for burglars, your first-floor window is a way to assess the inside of your home. Through here, they can look for valuables in plain sight and will attempt to memorize the floor plan for them to escape quickly or detect places where they can possibly hide. By installing a surveillance camera pointing towards your window, you can capture images of unknown people trying to assess your house, and it’s possible they are captured before a forced entry takes place.


  1. Garage


The garage of your house is also attractive to thieves because it regularly opens and closes and burglars can tell its insides in full view once in a while. When installing a security camera inside your garage, make sure it captures the entire space so you will know where and how the thief broke in. Exterior surveillance cameras can also be installed near your home, but make sure it covers all the walls outside of your garage to know where the burglar might break in.


  1. Stairways


Stairways are points in and around your home and are used to get around your property. For this reason, installing a security camera in stairways is a smart idea. Stairs located outside your home can be an attractive entry point and it may also be used to access a roof. This unusual way of breaking into your home is done by criminals to avoid security cameras and alarms.


Stairs inside the property, however, is the only area in your home where burglars might slow down a little bit. We all know that burglary can happen so fast, but if you take an image of the stairs, you may still be able to identify your intruders.


6. Off-Street Windows

Windows not easily seen by passersby are a common entry point for burglars because it decreases their chances of being caught. By strategically placing a security camera with a view of your back window, you will be able to identify the burglars. You can also get one of those wireless security cameras that can be controlled remotely so you can still view your back windows from your tablet or any mobile device.




  1. Backyard


Installing surveillance cameras in the backyard can be tricky because some backyards are way too huge for just one camera. You may need to install several of them so that you can capture every nook and cranny. A camera pointed at your backyard will also inform you if the unusual noise you’re hearing is caused by animals or a strong wind. If it is an intruder, it will also capture his face so you can present it as proof.





  1. Side Gate


While it is common to see surveillance cameras on the front gate, you rarely see one in side gates. Your side gate may be smaller, but it doesn’t mean it won’t serve as a point of entry to uninvited guests. After all, even small windows can be crawled in by thieves. Your side gate camera should have a motion sensor floodlight to alert you if there is an intruder. This is also a way to scare burglars off knowing they are clearly visible. Some thieves are also intimidated by the sight of a surveillance camera, so it’s okay to put one in plain sight.


  1. Kitchen


While not a lot of people think about installing surveillance cameras in their kitchens, you might want to consider putting one as there are also valuables in it. Unplanned robberies can also take place out of nowhere, and typically, thieves will get anything they can put their hands on. Your kitchen appliances and expensive cutlery can be sold or pawned, too, just so you know.


  1. Hallways Leading to Bedrooms


Not everybody is willing to install a surveillance camera inside their bedrooms, but you can still protect your family or friends by putting a camera in the hallway. Through this, you have a way of knowing who goes in and out of the bedroom. You can install get a camera that you can control remotely, so even if you have one camera in the hallway, you can still navigate its entirety, zoom and out, and check for signs of break-ins no matter where you are. If you have small kids, you might be able to install surveillance cams inside the bedroom.


Surveillance cameras aren’t just a fancy accessory in your home. When properly placed, you attain peace of mind whether you’re asleep or away on vacation.

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