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Using Your Home Security System To Keep Your Car & Garage Safe
If you think your things inside the garage are safe on their own, think again. According to former burglars, it doesn’t really take much to get a garage door to open. All one needs is a coat hanger and 6 seconds, and everything is ripe for the picking, including your car. This is particularly true […]
The Worst Places To Hide Your Valuables At Home
In a perfect world, none of us would have any reason to hide our jewelry and just have them laid out on the dresser for easy access. However, these are challenging times and it has never been a perfect world, so we are compelled to make sure the things that are important to us stay […]
Scouting For A Home Security System Provider? 5 Things You Should Ask
There is no doubt that every home in the US needs a home security system installed. Nowadays, it’s not really enough that you live in a so-called “good” neighborhood. Burglars will strike anywhere and will target anybody. If you are in the habit of forgetting to secure your doors and entry points, you will require […]
Living In An Apartment? How To Keep Your Home Safe & Burglar Resistant
Apartment life may have single dwellers and families living in convenience relative to those who own a single detached home (who have to take care of a yard) but that doesn’t mean they are safer when it comes to potential break-ins. Home security systems are equally as important for apartment renters. In fact, latest figures […]
5 Common Entry Points In Your Home & How To Secure Them
It’s hard to think that even in “good” neighborhoods, homes are susceptible to break-ins; but it actually happens. In fact, there mere fact that people who live in such “secure” environments are too confident to even think of setting up a security system or even bother to lock the door behind them makes them an […]
5 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft And Guard Your Credit
Credit has been a viable means of gauging a person’s financial standing since time immemorial. When the 2017 Equifax data breach threatened the financial industry, the value of having good credit become all the more important. In fact, without it, you cannot get a loan, buy a car, purchase a home, and many more. Loan […]
DIY Home Security Systems: How To Protect Your Home On A $200 Budget
Installing a home security system doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your household budget. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a new to this project, there are plenty of ways to secure your home at a price you are comfortable with.   In the past, having a system set up in your […]
Home Automation 101: Understanding Smart Home Technology
This is the day and age of the smart home. What once was thought of to be just a fad is now a standard in every US household, where each home owns at least one smart device. In fact, according to Parks Associates, a market research firm that specializes in emerging consumer tech products and […]
How To Protect Your Home? Outsmart The Burglar
Homes often get broken in because people are too confident that what happens to persons in the news or in movies will never happen to them. Burglaries are often portrayed as dramatic, sometimes comedic, that many don’t take the threat seriously. However, it is this nonchalance that makes one the perfect target for thievery. And, […]
Online Shopping & Cybersecurity: 10 Ways To Protect Yourself
The Internet has definitely made being a consumer a much easier thing to be these days. The age of online shopping has created a fast and simple way to purchase items or send them to family and friends without having to get dressed and step out of your home.   With the convenience it offers, […]