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Flood Proofing Your Home: How To Be Prepared When The Rainy Season Comes
One can never be fully prepared for a disaster situation, but there are things you can do to help minimize the damage and, possibly, prevent potential problems from entering your home. When it comes to dealing with weather-driven risks, your best bet is to be proactive and to apply preventive measures. While having disaster kits […]
Door and Window Sensors: Unique Ways They Can Improve Your Home Security System
Installing a door window sensor is one of the most basic parts of a full home security system. It’s easy to see why it’s also probably the most popular element used. To make it work, all you need is to stick its parts on a window or a door and it’s good to go. Window […]
Wired vs Wireless Home Security: Which One Should You Get?
So you’ve finally decided that your house needs a home security system. Congratulations — and it’s about time. Given the multitude of security issues in the US today, even if you live in a so-called “good” neighborhood, having a surveillace system in place is one extra step towards your peace of mind. But before you […]
Smart Home Technology: 6 Reasons Why Your House Needs It
We live at a time of a rise in technology, so when it comes to setting up safety measures for your home there really is no other way but to get automated. Smart homes and modern construction techniques offer home owners a new sense of control. Even when you are out of the house, a […]
Home Safety 101: Keeping Your House and Family Safe During A Power Outage
There are many reasons why a power outage can happen to a certain area and most of them are unpredictable. It can be because of strong winds, a severe storm, or an accident. That said, you have to be prepared so that your family stays safe in case it does happen in your home. There […]
Scouting For A Home Security System Provider? 5 Things You Should Ask
There is no doubt that every home in the US needs a home security system installed. Nowadays, it’s not really enough that you live in a so-called “good” neighborhood. Burglars will strike anywhere and will target anybody. If you are in the habit of forgetting to secure your doors and entry points, you will require […]
8 Important Home Security Tips For New Parents
One of the most exciting times for new parents is finally getting to bring the little one home for the first time. However, before you introduce your little bundle of joy to his or her new house, you have to make sure all areas are babyproofed. Infants might not have access to your home just […]
Home Security Installation: 5 Best Places To Position Surveillance Cameras
There are two main reasons why you need a security camera for your home. It can either be used to investigate incidents or as a deterrent to potential burglars. The video footages and photos collected from your surveillance cam will be used to review a previous accident or crime so you see why certain things […]
5 Common Security Mistakes Homeowners Make, According To A Burglar
Plenty of research has been put into increasing security for the home, including among which is about understanding the burglar’s actual psyche and motivations. There are certain types of homes that are irresistible to thieves, and this leads us to the question: why is this house being targeted over to the one beside it? We […]
Travel Safety Tip: 5 Ways To Keep Your Valuables Safe When Jetsetting
Going on a vacation is fun; but all the excitement and preparation will be for naught if you lose some precious items along the way. With all the hotel transfers, plane hopping, and traveling that comes with enjoying a new place comes the greater responsibility you must over your belongings. It’s very easy to lose […]