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9 Important Home Safety Measures to Safeguard your Family   

The most important responsibility of the head of a household is ensuring the safety of the family. As far as home security goes, there are a lot of steps that you can take to safeguard your family. Here are seven important home safety measures that can keep your family safe.

1. Install Motion Sensing Outdoor Lights

Nothing instills fear in the heart of thieves than sudden bright light that can blow up their cover in darkness. Installing motion sensor lights outside the house will serve as the first line of defense against would-be intruders. These are not as expensive as they seem. You can buy a basic LED solar powered motion sensor flood light for less than $20 a piece.

2. Buy a Home Security System

A home security system provides all-round protection against potential break-ins. Some of the security systems quickly alert the authorities in case of a break-in. They can also alert the relevant authorities in case of power outages, flooding, and fires.

Consider buying a home security system that includes HD quality surveillance cameras and alarms. The alarms can make a commotion that will alert the nearby police and scare away any intruder.

Make sure that you compare different types of home security systems before buying one for your home. Also, you should buy a home security system that features a backup battery power or runs on solar power. In this way, your house will remain protected in case of a power outage during a flood or fire.

3. Keep Plants and Protruding Branches Away from Windows

You should landscape properly to avoid inadvertently giving a helping hand to a would-be thief. Make sure that there are no protruding branches near the windows from which the thieves can enter the house. Also, you should weed out thick and tall plants to ensure that there is a clear line of sight to all doors and windows. A thief may hide amidst the natural cover making it difficult for you to detect the intruder.

4. Install Smart Locks

Installing smart locks is another effective deterrent against a would-be thief.  You can buy a smart lock that offers solid protection. Smart locks have features such as biometric access, keypad access, or RFID access. Also, they can connect with your smart device, allowing you to unlock the house from anywhere. This is particularly helpful in cases when you forget where you kept the key. However, smart locks are generally not cheap. Prices start at about $200 a piece. Still, they can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your home is kept safe and protected.

5. Buy Fake Security Signs or Cameras

Most often, the thieves target homes that appear as easy target. They look for houses that don’t have any security system, and allow easy entry and escape. If you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars in a home security system, you can just fake it.

Fake yard signs can help in warding off potential intruders. They can cost as low as $5 per sign. Consider writing fake warning messages such as:

  • “Protected by Home Security system”,
  • “Monitored 24 hours”,
  • “Protected by Electronic Alarm System”,
  • “Warning: The Area is Under 24 hours Video Surveillance”, etc.

Apart from fake yard signs, you can also buy fake security cameras to deter would-be thieves. The fake security cameras can be bought from Amazon for less than $10. The fake cameras generally look similar to real ones, and complete the charade with red blinking lights. You should install the fake cameras near the garage, front doors , and other visible areas. The fake yard signs and security camera will help in warding off would-be intruders.

6. Put Up Motion Sensing Alarms

Another cost-effective option to secure your home is to buy a motion sensing home alarm. You can buy a motion sensing home alarm on Amazon for less than $10 a piece. The security alarms should be put near the front door and the windows.

When a burglar tries to break open the window or door, a loud alarm will go off, loud enough to wake you up so that you can call the cops. Also, the noise itself will surprise the thief and cause the intruders to flee.

7. Keep the Lights On

Most thieves don’t target a house in case the family members are inside. So, you should keep the lights on — both inside and outside the house — whenever you leave home.

However, keeping the lights on during the day can result in energy wastage. Fortunately, you can purchase smart lights that can be turned on during certain times of the day such as after the sunset. This is a smart way to keep your house safe and protected.

8. Secure the Windows and Sliding Doors

You must burglar-proof the windows and sliding doors. Consider inserting a metal bar into the bottom track of the sliding doors. For windows, you can install a PVC bar that is nearly impossible to knock off the track. Just make sure that the bar is the same size as the track.

9. Avoid Leaving the Spare Keys Under Potted Plants or Doormats

Lastly, you should not leave the spare keys in obvious places. Never place the keys under the potted plants, doormats, or other obvious locations where the intruders can easily find them. Consider placing the spare keys in inconspicuous locations that can’t be easily detected by a would-be burglar.

End Note

Keeping the house safe and secure requires taking preventive measures. While this may require a little investment in the form of motion sensors, alarm, smart locks, and security cameras, the increased security and peace of mind will make any investment in home security worth it in the end.  Before buying any home security system, make sure to compare different brands and go for quality rather than price.