8 Important Home Security Tips For New Parents

One of the most exciting times for new parents is finally getting to bring the little one home for the first time. However, before you introduce your little bundle of joy to his or her new house, you have to make sure all areas are babyproofed. Infants might not have access to your home just yet, but as your child grows and becomes more explorative of the surroundings, you have to ensure that the environment is safe.

Many recorded home accidents involving babies are related to unsafe spaces. Because babies are a naturally curious lot, you can’t always assume that every part of your house is ready for them just because you don’t see any edges. Even if you have your eye on your little one all the time, there will be moments when they could slip from your fingers and go wandering off on their own. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen, so it’s your duty as parent to baby-proof his or her surroundings.

Here are eight tips that will help you ensure a safe environment for your child.

  1. Get rid of the clutter

When babies start learning to walk and explore, they won’t be mindful of the things that might get in their way. If you have low-lying ornaments, wires, unbacked area rugs, and anything else that might cause them to trip and fall over, it’s time to clear the floor and keep the home clean. By getting rid of the clutter, you reduce the risk of your baby hurting himself or herself. So the next time your child does manage to get some “me” time, you can feel safer.

  1. Make sure all electrical sockets are covered

There’s no stopping a curious baby when he or she wants to inspect something — and that includes electrical sockets. With their tiny fingers, they can easily get shocked the moment they pick on an open outlet. And because sockets are closer to the floor, they are dangerously within the level that your child can reach, making them an even bigger threat. Thus, before the baby comes, place guards or covers over the sockets to make sure there’s nothing to poke into. You can purchase these at the local hardware shops and are easy to install.

  1. Childproof tables and cabinets

There are cabinets in the home that contain potentially hazardous items, like those under the kitchen sink that hold cleaning materials. Some contents aren’t necessarily dangerous but could fall on your child if the doors are opened. To prevent injury, you should place locks or door jams on your cabinets and other things that open so your baby can’t get access to places they shouldn’t reach.

Tables and other furniture with edges can also present a risk for injury. What you can do is place rubber or silicone covers over the sharp corners to reduce the impact in case your baby does bump into it. You can purchase these at baby shops or at the local hardware.

  1. Have safety gates installed

The moment your child learns to crawl or walk, he or she will be wanting to go all over the house. You can protect your little one from restricted areas like the kitchen, the stairs leading to the second floor, and the exits, by installing a safety gate where needed. This way, your child won’t be exploring any room he or she is not supposed to enter or, heaven forbid, try to climb or go down the stairs at that split second you’re not watching.

  1. Place blocks or barriers on showers, toilets, pools

Places where there’s standing water, even the shallow ones, are a drowning risk for little kids. Install magnetic locks on toilet seats or barriers to the bathroom to prevent wandering babies from accidentally accessing them. Even if you think it’s just a very small amount of water, it could still pose a deadly hazard for babies.

  1. Use baby monitors

Of course, it’s impossible for parents to keep an eye on their children day and night. Baby monitors are excellent at helping you check on your child even when you’re not physically in front of him or her. This device will be your eyes and ears while the baby sleeps or plays while you go do some household chores.

  1. Consider going wireless

Wires are a threat to your child. They can get all tangled up in them or even choke. You need to make sure that all wires to your electrical devices are tucked safely out of reach. Otherwise, you might want to go wireless for your entire home to prevent any injuries of this sort.

  1. Install security cameras

Like baby monitors, video cameras are your extra sets of eyes on your little one while you go do something else. While it is not a substitute for your or a sitter’s attention, it is inevitable that you step away from the baby for a while to perform chores, go to the bathroom, and more. They are especially helpful when the baby’s resting, so you can safely bustle about without worrying if the baby’s awake and is on the verge of getting hurt.

In addition, a security camera can also serve as a means of protection for your entire family in case something untoward happens. Position it not just at the nursery but also at strategic locations in and around the house so you and your family will have peace of mind.

Overall, childproofing your home is essential to making sure that your new bundle of joy stays happy and safe as he or she grows into an explorative little child. Any area that poses a potential threat to your little one should be either closed, blocked, or removed. If you’re still unsure which parts of your house are possible hazards, you can hire a security expert to give your house a full assessment so he or she can point out specific spots that need reinforcement or blocking.

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