5 Types of Businesses That Need Security Systems The Most

Given today’s threats, businesses should have security systems in place to protect their investments and themselves. One of the biggest security issues that entrepreneurs face, no matter the type of business, is thievery. Whether it’s shoplifting, a burglary, or any type of theft, any business that has money or goods onsite is a potential target.

There are, however, specific types of businesses that are more attractive to burglars compared to others. For obvious reasons, these stores are considered lucrative targets because of the high value of the items that are kept in the premises. It could also be because of the large amounts of money being exchanged on site. In addition, even with not too many valuables in store, businesses that have little to no security protection set up are also viewed as easy targets.

In any case, there are certain types of businesses that require more advanced security systems because they are favorite targets. Some are even so prone to burglaries that they need to have securty staff posted on site. Here are some of the stores that get the most attention from thieves.


  1. Jewelry shops

Jewelry stores are a massive target because of the value of the pieces they keep at their site. Burglars know that your items are more than just the ones on display and that you may have the more expensive piece in a vault, making your business all the more attractive. Thus, there is no doubt about the need to have a comprehensive security system for the protection of the stocks and for the personnel.

Even the small jewelry shops necessitate a security system. While these stores operate at a smaller scale and may have lower priced items in stock, being lax with security measures still makes them a viable target.

  1. Banks

There is no argument to this. Banks, big or small, should have a thorough security system in place, not just in terms of technology but also on-site guards. Dealing with huge amounts of cash will always make banks a target. Granted, trying to steal from banks is too risky for thieves, but because the monetary gains are so high, some are willing to go forward and take the risk.

  1. Retail stores

Retailers are often the target of shoplifters, if not hijackers or hold-uppers. This is because the stocks are displayed in the open and there are only so many staff to look around. Small items can be easily stuffed into pockets and purses, and some products aren’t even attached with security beepers to alert personnel if you’re trying to sneak something out.

Retailers are also a favorite of robbers because of the amount of cash that goes into the register all day. These stores are not just restricted to department store brands. They can also cover supermarkets, convenience stores, clothing outlets, and more.

  1. Distribution centers and warehouses

Any establishment that holds huge amounts of valuable stock on site will need ample security systems set up. This is particularly true for warehouses and distribution centers because they tend to bulk numbers of high-value items, such as electronics, appliances, and limited edition toys, and other valuable goods. One of the biggest issues with these large storage spaces is that there often blind spots. This means that one of the threats to security can come from inside, thus making the need to install security systems all the more urgent.

  1. Money changers and remittance centers

The amount of cash exchange in money changing outlets is enough to make burglars see stars. People go in and out of these small stores and often there’s no security personnel posted save for a single camera. Remittance centers, in particular, are always ready with a large amount of cash in case a customer walks in and needs to claim money or exchange their notes for another currency. For this type of business, it’s not enough to have a view cam installed. The premises should have several set up at strategic places as well as on-site security guards to provide added safety.

What Do Thieves Look For?

Some of the factors that thieves consider when looking for a target include how much cash stays in the premises, the presence of expensive goods, operating times (shops that open late are easier targets), the presence of on-site security personnel, and the number of employees inside the store at any given time. In short, regardless of the type of business you are in, if thieves see that you don’t have any security systems set up, you will definitely be their next victim.

If you own a business and are concerned about its security, it’s best to get in touch with professional security providers to get advice on the best type of setup for your specific needs. You might be asked to hire personnel to keep you safe on site or to install cameras, alarms, and the like at the premises. Some security services also provide you with a sort of panic button that lets you send a signal to the local police if you find yourself in distress or are threatened by a burglar.

As an added precaution, you might also want to rethink the way you hire your staff. Most store burglaries are inside jobs; either your employee himself or herself steals or he/she tips an outsider on the best times to come in and take things. Your staff will be the best resource for your “dead” hours and they could exploit that knowledge and take turn on you. Run background checks on applicants and don’t forego checking their references. No matter how much you feel your employees can be trusted, it’s best to be cautious.

Overall, your security needs will depend on the type of business that you own. Regardless if you own a small shop or a high-value operation, the need to put security systems in place is imperative. Talk to your chosen security provider about the most efficient and budget-friendly options available for your peace of mind today.

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