12 Things To Consider Before Buying A Home Security System

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more than 2 million households are robbed in the US every year. This means that someone breaks into a house about every thirteen seconds. This is one of the reasons why home security systems have been invented. With the technological advancements in the present time, this tech is now designed with more features and gadgets that offer the protection that you need for your entire house.


A home security system consists of security cameras, a DVR system, and a control panel to make all these parts work together. Expensive gadgets come with built-in Wi-Fi cameras, making it less complicated when it comes to wiring between the control system and visuals. The systems become more advanced through the years, adding more features like motion detection, night vision cameras, and wireless cloud storage capabilities.


These new devices are even compatible with your smart phones, keeping you updated and notified about the security of your house round-the-clock. It allows you to watch any part of your home anywhere you are. But, before we go and get a home security system to protect your house, there are things that we need to consider. In choosing a home security system, be sure you go for the package that includes security cameras, DVR, video cables, and power supply cables. The DVR system should have all the wires needed to connect the cameras and monitors.


To make the search easier, here are 12 things you should consider before signing off on any tech purchase.


  1. The difference between a Wireless and Hardwired Home Security System. You need to understand the difference between the two. With a wireless security system, there will be no cables to run other than the electrical cords on the control panel. You can install a wireless security system and save a few bucks on installation fees because you can do it yourself. For hardwired systems, these usually require you to do a lot of drilling on the walls to run the cables and connect everything to your home’s circuit breaker. This will also require the services of a professional installer.


  1. Home Security Systems vs. Burglar Alarms. These two are totally different. Burglar alarms use sensors on doors and windows that will notify you or the police if someone entered your house without authorization. A home system has more benefits. It does not only alert you if there’s a burglar, but it can also notify you if there’s a fire or even when there’s a flood. Always make sure you know what you’re getting with the security system you’re planning to set up and see the features are suited to your specific needs.


  1. Compare different security providers. Get at least three or four quotes from well-established companies that offer system installation and monitoring. You can also check the company’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau. A quick online search and scanning local discussion boards about security services will also give you a good idea about other people’s experience with various firms. A personal recommendation from a family member or friend is also valuable.


  1. Power Outages. Most of the security systems continue to function even when there is a power outage. Traditional home security systems are low in energy, so it doesn’t use much power to keep the system running. Also, most systems include a backup battery. If you live in an area that’s prone to power outages, such as those exposed to storms more often, having this tech as part of your system is important.


    1. Solar-powered security systems. You can opt for security systems that are solar-powered, but they can be more expensive than regular ones. You can use this for just an outdoor security camera or use it for the entire home security system. The investment will be worth it in the long run.


  1. Consider the size. There is no one-size-fits-all design when it comes to your home’s security. A compact system may be okay for a small apartment or condos. However, if you’re trying to secure a larger house, you need a network that can handle more information and monitoring. A larger coverage also means a more comprehensive assessment of your safety needs, so it’s probably best to get in touch with a security expert to make sure you don’t overlook anything.


  1. For those interested in setting up surveillance cameras, you need to understand the difference between live videos and recorded videos. Do you want to watch a live feed of what’s happening at home while you’re gone? Or would you prefer to just watch a recording? IP cameras feature live feeds because they can be directly connected to the Internet while a DVR system lets you watch video recordings later on. IP systems can also be viewed in real-time using your smartphone, tablet, or PC, even if you’re miles away.


  1. Invest in a good quality camera. Webcams from retail stores will not get the job done if you are serious about setting up your home security system. These cameras are typically designed for video chatting. Look for dome cameras, instead. Also, consider the type of images it generates, whether it’s black and white, colored, or infrared. Consider the quality of the photos and the view range. How many cameras would you need to cover the entire home? How high-quality would you like the images to be? Take note of the optional features for the cameras such as motion detectors, night vision, face detection, audio and video recording, and if it’s weatherproof.


  1. The contract. You need to understand what’s included in your contract. Some security companies may offer you add-on services or devices, so you need to know exactly what you need and what’s covered by the contract you signed up for. Ask about the monthly charges, installation and monitoring fees. How long is the contract? Can you terminate it any time?


  1. Security Upgrades. There are some easy security upgrades that you can do by yourself, in addition to your installed network. Make sure to lock all your doors and windows and install a deadbolt as reinforcement. Placing motion sensors outside can also be of great help; same with having dogs and “beware of dog” signs.


  1. Monitoring. Home security systems come with a monitor that allows the displaying of multiple screens at the same time, with each screen showing its view through a separate channel. The monitor can either be connected using video cables, or if you are using a Wi-Fi-based security system you can monitor channels using your computer through a web browser and a dedicated IP address.


  1. Asset protection devices. You can protect your valuables by installing devices that have asset protection. If your valuables have been tampered, like if your jewelry box or safe had been opened or moved, this will send you an alert.


Keeping our house secure is one the most crucial concerns that deserve our attention. We always want to make sure that we have the best system installed for our sake and our families’. A good home security system is something we should consider getting to protect all our valuable assets.

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